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Police Academy Rating. Some classes have been very large, over 90. During this period, nearly 135,000 recruits (45,000 per year) entered a basic training program, and.

REVIEW ‘Police Academy’ (1984) The Movie Buff
REVIEW ‘Police Academy’ (1984) The Movie Buff from www.themoviebuff.net

To rate, slide your finger across the stars from left to right. The main issue is nudity, since there are instances of women with their breasts shown. Just as lawyers go to law school and soldiers complete basic training, aspiring police officers must pass through a specialized training program and proving ground of their own:

REVIEW ‘Police Academy’ (1984) The Movie Buff

It is very tame compared to other r rated movies. Phil's rating of the film police academy phil this is an absolute riot of comedy which is essentially giving the comic performers free rein to deliver in all sorts of wacky scenarios, and has some truly unique characters and hilarious moments. But it is set up this way for a reason. The alfred state police academy.